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Specializing in vacant land in Colorado, Nevada, and Florida

Listing Areas

Colorado Properties


Southern Colorado - Costilla County

Properties ranging from 1.5 - 10+ acres with varying elevations, terrain and trees.

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Florida Properties

Florida land for sale
Florida rural land
Citrus County Dunnellon Crystal River
Florida Nature Coast

Citrus County - Florida's Nature Coast

Crystal River, Citrus Springs, and Dunnellon 

Properties ranging from 1 - 5.12 acres

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Nevada Properties

Nevada land for sale
Nevada 40 acres
Humboldt 40 acres
NV Vacant land
Hunting recreation undeveloped

Humboldt and Pershing County Nevada

Properties ranging from 40-80 acres.

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About Us

Family owned


We are a family owned business. Properties are sold and financed by us, we will never resell your loan.

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90-Day Money Back Guarantee


We understand during the purchase process that you may not be able to visit the land. We give you 90-days to confirm it is as we described. All monies paid may be refunded or applied to another property in our inventory  (except non-refundable documentation fee). Cash sales are final once recorded with the County due to the additional taxes, recording fees, and required process steps. Although, we may make arrangements to buy the property back. 

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