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What does the name mean?

What do our domain names mean?  Eleven24Holdings.com, RawLandPro.com, etc.


Family Owned

We are a family owned business which started with the love of the outdoors and an active lifestyle. We enjoy fishing, boating, camping, golfing and generally experiencing the simple beauty found in natural settings. We are two brothers that grew up in St. Louis, Missouri. One still lives there with his family, the other lives outside of Orlando, FL with his. 

 We grew up with a spirit of adventure and the principles of being close to nature taught to us by our father. The legacy he left us was an appreciation of nature; this gift is best experienced by owning land, loving it and keeping our lives anchored to it – uncomplicated and a place to recharge our batteries; a place to make memories to last a lifetime. The best memories that we have are those Summers spent camping by the lake --swimming all day, catching crawdads in the shallows, exploring in the woods, and then coming back to the campsite to talk and play cards around a campfire while mom and grandma cooked up the fish dad and grandpa caught that day for dinner. 

We started with real estate and rental property more than 25 years ago, and now focus on buying and selling land in Florida, Nevada and Colorado. We search to find great deals and pass the opportunities on to our customers. So, whether you want to build a dream home, a location to retire, a weekend getaway, a Winter retreat, a base camp for your recreational activities, or to find a piece of property to hold as a long term investment – we can help you find it. 

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